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Can a pregnancy test detect pregnancy if I'm having implantation bleeding

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E.P.T. is the earliest pregnancy test available in stores. If a woman is pregnant, the amount of hCG in her system should be More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-pregnancy-test-detect-pregnancy-if-i%27m-having-implantation-bleeding ]
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How long after implantation bleeding will a urine pregnancy test ...?
In 2-4 days for the implanted embryo will begin producing hCG at a high enough level to be detected by a sensitive pregnancy test.
How long after implantation bleeding can i take a pregnancy test??
I got Implantation Spotting at 10dpo and a positive test result at 14dpo (ie: on the day my period was due) but by then I was craving Sardines in Louisiana Hot sauce, so I knew something was up!
Can you take a pregnancy test during implantation bleeding??
Taking a test during implantation bleeding would not give you an accurate result, your embryo doesn't start producing HCG (pregnancy hormone) until it is implanted fully, then it takes a few days to get into your urine, that is what the pre...

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Question about early pregnancy, blood tests and Implantation bleeding?
Q: Okay.. here are the basics.1) My last period ended on March 8th.2) IF i conceived it would have been from the 9th to the 11th of March.3) I started bleeding on March 15th and I panicked thinking that it was far too early to start my period again. Could this be implantation bleeding??4) I have taken two home pregnancy tests and both came back negative though I'm fairly sure it's too early to detect the hormone.5) I got a Blood Test done yesterday and found out this morning that it came back negative however I can't think of another explanation for the bleeding. I've been told by a few people that they have had false Negatives on blood tests, being so early in the pregnancy.Does anyone have any advice.. facts.. or experience in any of thing areas? Please help??
A: It could be anything. Although it seems really early for implantation bleeding as well. You could be spotting from all the stress you are putting yourself through. Women always get pregnant when they are relaxed about it.
Only the doctor will know if I'm pregnant, but what do you think?
Q: Two weeks ago I took a pregnancy test the day before my period was scheduled to start, and it was negative. My period didn't start for several days, so my husband and I started to get our hopes up. Anyway, I had my period, which was like normal, so we figured I wasn't prego. Then about a day after my period ended, I started spotting, kinda like a light day, but the color was more transparent. That lasted about 3 or 4 days. My friend said it could be implantation bleeding. I took a test this morning, and this time it was positive. I'm thinking that the first time I took it, it was too early to detect, and now I'm actually pregnant. The other thought is that maybe I had a miscarriage. However, I've had absolutely no cramps or pain. I can't wait to see my doctor tomorrow (or soon) to find out for sure!
A: Don't think miscarriage unless the doctor says it. Many women bleed quite a bit during their first trimester and they go on to deliver a healthy baby. Each pregnancy is different. It sounds like you will only know after talking to the doctor, but usually pregnancy tests do not err on the side of positive. Good luck, and take it easy until tomorrow!
Still not very sure about this result?
Q: Was due for my period tomorrow and got a neg. (Though i thought I saw a faint second line on the test) Had what I think was implantation bleeding last week for a few days. Kinda like a period but much lighter w no cramps or any other symptoms. Stopped about Wed. And today I am seeing a little brown spotting.Also I'm having some classic symptoms, food aversion, fatigue, frequent urination and darkening of the arealo/breast swelling. I've been pregnant twice before (one was my 3 yr old son, the other a m/c @ 7weeks)So I don't know? Could I be pregnant and it's just too early for the pregnancy test to pick it up? I now alot of women who were pregnant for months before they could get a HPT to show a positive! This is so frustrating! I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?I should add that I used a First Response Test that can detect pregnancy 5 days before your missed period and is 93% accurate a day before your missed period.
A: Last month I was 10 days late, kept getting Negatives , 1 day before my period actually started I took 2 first response tests and got faint faint but visable lines. Then the next day I had my period.Veery strange. you should by now get a positive result if you are in fact pregnant. the Brown spotting may be an indication you are started your period.good luck

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