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Can a human get a sheep pregnant

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No, a human can't get a sheep pregnant. But apparently scientists are cloning sheep and human stem cells together. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-human-get-a-sheep-pregnant ]
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Can a human get a sheep pregnant
No, a human can't get a sheep pregnant. But apparently scientists are cloning sheep and human stem cells together. ChaCha on!

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can a female ewe get pregnant from a man?
Q: human man can he get a female sheep pregnant?the question was brought up at work and we thought and an argument arose from the topic i said no it couldnt but the know it woman said Yes thanks for your answers i will shove this in her face!the question was brought up at work and we thought and an argument arose from the topic i said no it couldnt but the know it all woman said Yes, thanks for your answers i will shove this in her face!
A: Of course not. The chromosomes are not the same.
Can a human get an animal pregnant?
Q: if they can what happens where talking about dogs cats goats sheep ect...and what about the other way around can a human get pregnant from an animalJust beacause I asked this question does not mean I have done it you perves
A: no sweety you cant get your dog pregnant
How many know that Obama lied about Kissinger?
Q: http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/kissinger_obama_iran/2008/09/28/135207.html?s=al&promo_code=6BBA-1http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message618423/pg1He has changed his ideas over and over when he thinks it suits the public. The surge, the bailout, you name it, when the polls or the news gets out that people aren't liking what he says, he changes his mind.The news media that is mostly funded by the Mafia/Antichrist Spirit continually edit the interviews when Obama and Biden flubs. But McCain and Palin's interviews, somehow many times are edited to make it sound even worse!But of course most of the nation are for partial birth abortions. It is UNTHINKABLE to think that America has become so cruel! People are more concerned for their animals than precious tiny human beings!!!Obama doesn't even consider himself a US citizen but a "WORLD" citizen! He thinks he is sooooooooo special, he is the messiah to save the world from calamity-he wants people to think!No, he is thirsty for POWER! "I WILL!!!" He kept saying throughout the debate last Friday night.I am not saying that McCain is without fault, but I am praying that people will wake up and find out that Obama is a sheep in wolves clothing. I am not saying that he is the Antichrist, he doesn't seem smart enough but then again, that could be the beginning of deception....Obama is such a suave, "nice" guy, nice voice, poor black muslim descent, being discriminated against. This is the message that the media is trying to get across to the naive young people. I could not believe my ears when my own young daughter-in-law had thought about voting for him just because she didn't' want to discriminate against him. She has not had time to really educate herself on the issues but I can tell you, I certainly informed her! (he does not have one bit of African blood in him by the way) It is sad to think that we have to choose between the better of two evils. God never intended that we have kings to rule over us but the peoples have insisted and now we are being oppressed.Obama says that he is offended that some people say he isn't a Christian...he does not have the fruits of a Christian. Anyone that says that he wouldn't want his daughters to be punished with a baby if they were to become pregnant as teenagers, cannot be a real Christian-Sorry! "You shall know them by their fruits." The Bible says that "Children are a blessing from the Lord." Just because a person is disobedient to the word of God and doesn't wait until marriage to have sex and become pregnant at an inconvenient time, doesn't mean that you can kill an innocent child to make it right. Two wrongs never make a right! MURDER of innocent defenseless people are never right. I am sure Obama will be for Euthanasia too.Also...The parents should teach their children about protecting themselves against predators.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5KeO10vjXs&NR=1If Obama is elected we will become a socialist (communist) country, do you REALLY want that? Even if we were to have socialized medicine, the quality of physicians would be sooo substandard. AND we will have to get in a cattle drive to see one. Why do you think the Canadians want to come here to have their surgeries? You really don't know do you? Besides...as it is now, I have NEVER seen even ONE person in my life be turned away from a needed surgery because they didn't have the money or insurance to cover it!!! There are lots of special programs that will help you pay for it, do it voluntarily, write it off as tax credits...My friend, who had no insurance or money saved, had a young son that needed surgery and the hospital was able to write it off!My brother's brother-in-law had to have heart surgery. He didn't have the money or insurance but somehow he was able to have the very best heart doctor in town! Somehow it got paid for! We need to be looking to our God for help, NOT THE GOVERNMENT!!!!YES, WE NEED CHANGE, BUT CHANGE FOR THE WORSE IS NEVER BETTER!!!Chronos, you are talking about yourself.It is plain to see that you do not read/research thoroughly. If I am old enough to have a daughter-in-law, I am old enough to vote. LOLIt goes like this, if you are a deceiver, you will be deceived.If you are a liar, you are only fooling yourself, you are lying to yourself and you will be deceived! The truth is found in God's Word. If you truly seek the truth, you will not want to shun the truth of God's Word-The Holy BibleJames 1:5-65 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. 6 But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.When you don't receive the truth, strong delusion comes upon you. These are last days and the dividing line is becoming stronger and stronger.The bottom line is, even if Obama is only a puppet for the democratic party, he has almost no convictions. You have to be someone with convictions to care more about principles than popularity. The worse of his lacking conviction is THE RIGHT TO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!It is funny how I noticed that most of the ones that have a brain got the highest percentage of best answer.Come on Palin, show the world REAL principles!!! Thank You Dear Lord for a real role model of your LOVE!!!!!Although I have only just begun with this new address with yahoo!...ha ha!Thank You TAT!
A: Nobody knows, because anything His Majesty says is truth! That and libs don't read papers or educate themselves on the issues or try to find the truth.

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