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Are you more fertile when you stop taking birth control

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21 percent of women in a study became pregnant in just one cycle after stopping the pill, but for some it can take up to a year. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-you-more-fertile-when-you-stop-taking-birth-control ]
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Is a woman more fertile when they stop taking birth control pills?
After taking birth control it might take a few months for her cycle to get back to normal. You aren't fertile at all on BC.
Are you very fertile after you stop taking birth control pills??
You certainly can be, this varies from person to person but the birth control should not have effected your fertility at all and when you stop taking it your body should go back to its normal state.
Are girls more fertile if they take birth control then just stop ...?
For some people it can take them a while to concieve after taking BC. Depends on how long u took it for.

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Is it true that when you stop taking your birth control, you are more fertile for like, 3 months?
Q: My mother mentioned this since my husband and I are considering stopping the birth control and TTC within the year..Just wondering if it's an old wives tale or what?
A: I **think its an old wives tale. They say that because when coming off hormonal birth control it takes your body a lil bit to resume a normal cycle. During the first few months off of hormonal birth control, its hard to predict exactly when you will ovulate since your body is adjusting. Because of that, people get preg when they think they wouldnt be able to because its not when they should be ovulating.
Does the birth control pill alter your body and make you more fertile?
Q: I know that there is women that are more fertile than others, I've had 4 pregnancies in my lifetime, and two children. When I got pregnant from my first born at 20 years old it took me about 2 years without any kind of protection what so ever to get pregnant. And it took me about 6 months from the time I tried to conceive to get pregnant from my subsequent pregnancies once I decided to get pregnant. My question is this is the first time that I've been on birth control pills, will this alter my body and make me more fertile once I stop taking them? I've heard that using birth control pills can make you twice as fertile and easier to get pregnant once you stop taking them versus other method of birth control example IUD.
A: I don't think it's a case of increased fertility so much as it's very easy to go back to regular fertility after you stop taking the pills vs. other hbc methods, such as the shot, which delay fertility for a while after you stop taking them.This article is interesting: http://www.webmd.com/sex/birth-control/news/20020827/birth-control-pills-may-aid-fertility
What do you think Pregnant or not?
Q: Ok, For awhile I have just been debating whether or not I am pregnant. If I am I think I would be around 8 weeks. The symptoms I've had are frequent urination, burping a lot, tired more and taking naps during the day, nausea, feeling bloated in my lower stomach. Also when I got my period which I would have been 6 weeks I got it 2 days late and it only lasted for 2 days. The other thing about it is I stopped taking my birth control 3 or 4 days after I had sex. Which I no when u stop taking it you become more fertile. Whats your opinion.
A: Check With a DoctorASAP09!!!

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