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Why is colonoscopy necessary

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The American Cancer Society recommends the test at age 50 and again at age 60. A routine colonoscopy, an examination of the colon and rectum that can stop cancer, can often detect cancer even before it begins. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-colonoscopy-necessary ]
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Why is colonoscopy necessary?
Colonoscopy is a valuable tool for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases of the large intestine. Abnormalities suspected by x-ray can be confirmed and studied in detail. Even when x-rays are negative, the cause of symptoms such as re...
Is colonoscopy necessary in diverticular disease?
Boulos PB , Karamanolis DG , Salmon PR , Clark CG .
Are biopsies necessary if colonoscopy is normal?
Marshall JB , Singh R , Diaz-Arias AA .

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When is it really necessary to get a colonoscopy?
Q: I went to see my Dr. because I was bleeding when I had a stool; but, it only lasted for about 3 days and it wasn'y all the time. Anyway, he recommended I see another Dr. And the other Dr. didn't even check me or anything. He just said I should get a colonoscopy done. The thing is that I don't have any insurance and it's expensive. The doctor wont do the procedure until I cough off the dough. How do I know if it's really necessary. Please help!
A: If you are over 40, then consider it, also if you have a family past history of colon cancer.Even without health insurance, your body is the biggest investment you can make, you may wish to obtain individual coverage, however, then testing maybe considered a Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion.Check your state to see if there are assistance programs, maybe you quailfy for Medicaid benefits, or an insurance pool
how necessary is a colonoscopy if you have no conditions?
Q: Just wondering if this is just a nice money making procedure or are they actually finding things in perfectly normal healthy people.
A: people with colon cancer usually don't have symptoms in the beginning and that is the time when you want to get to the problem before it turns into cancer. Polyps can exist with no symptoms and that is what the test is for, to see if they do exist before they bloom into cancer.I also think it is a good idea to get tested if there is a history of colon cancer in the family
What pills are given to prepare for a colonoscopy, and is the liquid prep absolutely necessary with the pills?
Q: I know the liquid prep is best, but I tried it and failed miserably. It made me violently ill. I'd like to know exactly what I should be asking the doctor for prior to making the next appointment. Plus, I want to know if what I am asking for is even in the realm of possibility.
A: There is actually a pretty good selection of options for the prep; however, most doctors have bought (or been bought) in to the myth that the PEG is the best choice. PEG is Polyethelyne Glycol (same as some anti-freeze. It trades under CoLytely, GoLytely and I believe Half Lytely. There is nothing lyte about it. It is slime and disgusting.On the liquid side there is Fleet (or generic) Phospho Soda. That is 1.5 oz of a very salty laxative that gets mixed in an 8 oz glass with any clear liquid. I've tried margarita mix with and without the Tequila. Leave out the Tequila as it does provide a fire in the belly. Consume lots of other clear liquids after drinking this. I drink Gatorade as it replenishes the electrolytes.On the pill side the Doculax pills are an option; but, not real popular. There are other choices such as E-Z-EM's LoSo Prep™ and NutraPrep™ products. There is a misconception that the decision of pill vs. liquids and sedation versus no sedation is up to the physician. Most physicians believe they are the final word. You are the consumer. If they won't negotiate, tell the doctor "It appears we are at a stalemate and will have to agree to disagree. Since you don't offer the choices I want I am leaving, thank you for this free session". If they get upset, Remind them the decision to terminate this is theirs. It sends a message loud and clear.I told mine "I don't drink PEG nor will I take any PEG product (Miralax) and it's not negotiable." Then I shut up and the doctor replied "you've been doing research on the internet". Then the doctor offered several alternate preps.You are the consumer of the doctor's services. If they don't offer what you want, find a GI doc who will. My last advice is to select an experienced (thousands of successes and no sanctions) Board Certified Gastroenterolgist do your colonoscopy. Good Luck and God Bless

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