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When will i fall asleep

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Having trouble sleeping? Some people find 'counting sheep' to help. While some people find drinking warm milk to be more effective [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-will-i-fall-asleep ]
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When will you fall asleep?
When my online lover logs on, holds me tight, then I'll close my eyes and see him in my dreams.
How can I fall asleep?
Stop doing homework about an hour or 2 before bedtime. Do something that will help redirect your thoughts from school issues. Watch a little tv, read, call a friend, take a walk. Don't drink a lot of caffeine. You can also try Melatonin, it...
Will I fall asleep?
Do not be surprised if you do not actually "fall asleep". You may be aware throughout the process that you are listening to a recording. This is fine. When the recording is finished and you "wake up" you will still enjoy...

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when do you think i will fall asleep tonight?
Q: i'm 16 and had no school today. i slept in until around 1:05 PM. when do you think i will fall asleep tonight?
A: 34 O' clock
sometimes when I first fall asleep and start dreaming, a voice will scream at me until I wake up?
Q: This doesn't happen a lot, probably 5-10 times a year. it depends. but last night when I was asleep, and then a voice screamed in my ear until I woke up. But it wasn't someone in my house cause they were all asleep.What could be the cause of this?I forget what it says most of the times. but this most recent time it said a sentence that had the word f*ck in it.
A: the scream you heard was yours
Sometimes when I start to fall asleep I will feel like I am falling and then my whole body will jerk. Why?
Q: This does not happen all of the time, but when it does I am not quite asleep.
A: This falling sensation, together with a body movement known as a "sleep start," is what doctors and scientists call a hypnic or myoclonic (say: my-eh-kla-nik) jerk, and it usually happens right before going into deeper stages of sleep.This is because your brain signals your body to relax to prepare for sleep. When your muscles are relaxed, you go into the very first stages of sleep, but you're not sleeping too deeply yet.Myoclonic jerks are a normal part of sleep. Most people (80%) have them at one time or another. But many people do not realize their muscles are jerking at times during light sleep and it doesn't wake them up.hope this enlightens you..i did me.

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