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What should I do, I have red bumps on my butt

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When you notice these bumps, try placing a hot compress on them for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, three or four times a day, or sit in a nice hot bath. This can help them come to a head and drain, although it may take about a week for them to do so. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do%2C-i-have-red-bumps-on-my-butt ]
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How do you get rid of red bumps on your butt??
I have the same problem. To get rid of them you're going to have to do this everyday - wash with really mild soap (like Dove) and a washcloth. Then dry completely and put on Cortizone 10 Plus cream (it has moisturizers in it and will treat ...
Why do i have red bumps on my butt?
well it might be pimples..my sis has them..lol dont tell her i told you hehe...she told me and im like why are you telling me....its fine...kisses...amber,<3
How do i get rid of red bumps on my butt?
this is really common. i have the bumps on my butt too :( lol i also have them on the top of my thighs and and on my arms. based on your description I think you have Keratosis Pilaris. Its basically just a funky doctor name that means you h...

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How do i get rid of these red bumps on my butt after i shave it?
Q: after i shave my butt..i get these red bumps. why? and how do i get rid of them?
A: Use this producthttp://www.beeroyalproducts.com/store/product.php?productid=431&cat=27&page=1Bee Royal Shaving cream for men it is incredible a MUST HAVE FOR SURE!
I have red bumps on my butt and outer thighs. How do I get them to go away ?
Q: I get these red bumps they never come to an head like an zit but they scar if i mess with them. how do i get them to go away ? do you know what it is ? this is the only spots i get them. I noticed them after i had my daughter back in 2003 and the physhians can not even treat them with antibodics?
A: try changing your diet to be healthier. i get them sometimes and notice them more when i eat more unhealthy, processed foods and don't drink enough water. i get them a lot less, if at all, when i drink more than 60 oz. of water a day and eat more natural, unprocessed foods.
34 weeks pregnant with red bumps on butt?
Q: i am 34 weeks pregnant and i have these red bumps on my bum, i have been to the doc. and she said that they were ok but didn't says what they were. im starting to get scared. one is big and very red, some are red some are skin colour. its not itchy. what could it be.
A: does your paddle have holes in it *grin*

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