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What pill has GG 257 on it

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Alprazolam has GG 257 on it. It's used for treating anxiety and panic disorder. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-pill-has-gg-257-on-it ]
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What pill is pink line on one side GG 257 on other side??
In response to "That is a generic version of a valium", this info is not correct. This pill is .5 mg of Alprazolam (Xanax) which is used for anxiety. However, valium and xanax are both benzos and used to treat anxiety/panic attack...

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Xanax while pregnant please help!?
Q: ok so i just discoveredthat a month and a half ago i took 3 xanax..i thought they were my indomenticin that my ob prescribe...See my ob prescribed them once before and i took them. Then he prescribed them again and wwheni looked in the bottle there were 5 pills instead of as the bottle stated, so for three night i took them and did not take the 4th and had no intention of taking the 5th. But today i found my bottle of 4 pills and was confused so i found the bottle with the other one in it went to google typed in "oval pill gg 257" and it came up that it is 5mg of xanax. My husband said he did put the xanax in the bottle cause it was empty and he got the xanax from a friend..Anyway whats done is done.my question is how will this affect my baby??? iam 27 weeks tomorrow always go for my check ups, according to the doctors my baby is fine 141 heart beat, almost 2pounds but they nor i knew about the pills..whatare the chances i harmed my baby???first off YES there is 5mg xanax look it up before you answer a question..second i did not remebr what the indementhicin looked like the first time so i did not know the difference
A: indomethacin and xanax look nothing alike. Besides, they don't have 5mg xanax.
what perscription medication are small, orange,and have the numbers 257, and letters gg on them?
Q: it is in the form of a pill and it is oval shaped it has a line that run through the center of it
A: Generic Xanax
how many xanax pills are considered overdose??? anyone?
Q: the pills i have say gg 257 whatever that means...so how many is too much??well i wuzn't perscribed them...
A: Ignore Jredward. He is right in that you should consider yourself lucky to have xanax, might enjoy it recreationally and could dangerously overdose (100 will certainly be incredible dangerous), but it is a benzodiazepine and calling it a distant cousin to opiates is ridiculous. Actual Euphoria is rare with benzos too. I'm surprised to see such ignorance from someone quoting Erowid as a source. I pity you having to sort through so much conflicting information, but I promise that if you check anything I say then it will check out.Lots of people often say that anything above the prescribed level is an overdose, but that's an arguable technicality, not what you want to hear, and doesn't answer your question. 0.5-1mg will be a good dose to help sleep. 2mg is a good standard recreational dose, with more experienced users taking 3mg. Tolerance is an issue though, meaning that after a lot of use it takes more drug to do the same thing, and highly tolerant users can take insanely high amount. Benzos are also addictive, and long term heroin addicts can wimper in fear at the thought of a full blown benzo withdrawal (though with xanax it is over quite quickly, unlike with diazepam where aftereffects can be felt for years before fading to nothing). Whatever you use this for, keep it to once or twice a week to avoid tolerance and addiction. Do not drink or take other sedatives at the same time, as this will strongly increase the chances of overdose. In truth, actual fatal OD is quite difficult on xanax alone, but all downers can, of course stop someone breathing, or render them so sedated they are unable to protect their airway. Neither of which is a good place to be. But unlike with most depressants actual circulatory collapse is difficult to achieve. Taking more to get high is unwise though, you will probably just lose a LOT of memory.

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