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What is good for swollen throats

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Sore Throat Treatment:Sore throats,such as that with strep throat,do require an antibiotic.Get plenty of rest and drink,MORE.. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-good-for-swollen-throats ]
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What are some really good ways to get rid of a sore or swollen th...?
lemon tea with honey or honey by its self(gross but it does work) apple tea, cough drops
What's the best way to sooth a swollen throat?
Tylenol and hot tea (slippery elm root) with lemon and honey.
What is the best over the counter medicine to heal a swore/swolle...?
First, there is no over-the-counter medication that will heal your sore throat. The medications you can purchase only help to relieve the symptoms that you are having. If you continue to have a sore/swollen throat you might need to be seen ...

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What are some really good ways to get rid of a sore or swollen throat?
Q: My glands have been swollen for a few days now and I have a sore throat. I took some ibuprophen but no luck. Is there anything more effective beside antibiotics?
A: Yes there is:1) Gargle using a concentrated salt solution: What you do is heat some water and put some common salt (your table salt) into it till no more dissolves. Then let the water cool down to about a temperature which you find comfortable to touch (luke warm perhaps). And gargle with the entire amount of water (say about a glass full). Repeat this excercise three to four times a day. The salt pulls out any water from the infectious bacteria which could have infected your throat thus killing them. At the same time it has a mild astringent effect thus healing your throat bit by bit.2) Avoid Spicy and oily foods.3) Drink water which is luke warm.4) Do Not Drink Cold Drinks.5) Try a cough syrup rather than ibuprophen tablet. Ibuprophen tablets generally help in reducing pain in the body related to injury. A throat syrup will soothe your throat locally as well as give the drug systemically(in your blood) so that your throat gets healed. But be warned most cough syrups have a mild sedative action and can cause you to feel sleepy so use with caution.6) Get Diagnosed: Bacteria and infections can be nasty. Its always better to get a professional opinion on what you have.7) You can also try honey mixed with some luke warm water as a drink if you don't like the taste of only luke warm water. Honey also helps to heal the throat.I hope you feel better soon. I am studying pharmacy and if you wanna know about the medicine options that you have gimme a buzz on my messenger my id is : coolakul
What's a good medicine for a swollen throat?
Q: My throat started hurting and then it got swollen on the inside. It hurts a lot to eat. What can I take to make it go away?
A: Have you tried gargling with warm salt water? It should reduce the swelling.
What are some good things to eat/drink to soothe a sore and swollen throat?
Q: It really hurts when I swallow. Any home remedies or good suggestions? Thanks
A: try these-suck on ice cubes or hard candies-gargle w/warm salt water (2 tsp salt to 8oz water)-drink warm tea w/honey (avoid lemon b/c the acid will irritate your throat worse)-sleep w/a warm mist humidifier on-it will keep the air moist and prevent your throat from becoming more sore.watch for these signs-they indicate strep throat and you'll need antibiotics-white patches on back of your throat-soreness becomes very severe (even breathing hurts)-you begin to run a fever of 100.5 or higherhope you feel better soon

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