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What is a good way to unplug your ear

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To unplug your ear, use an earwax removal kit to loosen any embedded ear wax in the ear canal. Hydrogen peroxide works best. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-way-to-unplug-your-ear ]
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What's a Safe Way to Unplug Your Ears?
Could be a stopped up eustachan tube, this is common with a cold. Try Afrin twice a day for 5 days only in the side of the nose that the ear is plugged. Can sometimes take a while for ear to open up after a cold.
What are many ways to unplug your ear?
at some organic stores they have these kits that has a long paper tube and a paper plate, well you put the tube through the plate and into your ear, then you light the top part of the tube on fire, the ashes will fall on the plate and after...

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What's a good way to unplug your ears without popping them?
Q: My ears have been pluged for over a week now and it's driving me nuts but I'm scared to pop them because everytime I do it hurts and I end up with an ear infection and being 39weeks pregnant I really don't want that.so is there any other way to unplug them?
A: gum!congrats on your baby. :)
How do you unplug your ear if its from earwax?
Q: Its not like when you get a cold and it blocks your ear, I think its an earwax thing and its completely plugged. I can't even hear out if it and I've always been able to get it just by messing with my ear but I can't now.
A: To clear your ear of earwax, you may want to try an over the counter ear wax removal kit. You can also attempt to flush your ear with hydrogen peroxide, warmed baby oil or liquid docusate sodium. To do this, you'll need a dropper. Tilt your ear towards the ceiling and fill the ear canal with fluid from the dropper. Keep your head tilted for five minutes. Then put your head right side up and allow the fluid to drip out onto a paper towel. If your ear canal remains blocked by earwax, you should visit your doctor.To learn more about earwax removal, check out the website I work for, AOL Health:http://www.aolhealth.com/conditions/wax-blockage-of-the-ear-canalhttp://www.aolhealth.com/conditions/earwax-and-other-ear-problems
Is there a good otc eardrop medicine that will unplug my ear?
Q: I know there are some, but what kind does really work? I woke up with my right ear plugged up completely. I hate this.
A: debroxand a peroxide and warm water mix

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