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What happens if you put ice on your pimples

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If you put ice on your pimples, you get really cold pimples. It won't effect them other than that. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-put-ice-on-your-pimples ]
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Does putting ice on a pimple makes it go smaller?
Ice on pimples will make the swelling subside which could make it appear smaller but it won't heal it
Is putting icy hot on my pimples bad i do it ?
yes its bad could burn skin leave dark spots

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what happens if i put ice on my pimples?
Q: what happens if i put ice on my pimples?
A: I wouldn't recommend ice it will cause the pore to close and seal in the bacteria, dirt and oil.
I have a pimple... can I put ice on it or toothpaste?
Q: I want something to happen to it quickly. I am not expecting it to disappear, I just want the area not to be red anymore. will ice help? or toothpaste? I also have proactive but that won't rid the redness by tomorrow...
A: soccer !Toothpaste works very well IF you follow certain guidlines. First, do NOT use toothpaste with mint as an ingredient( may be mint flavored though). Second, use a whitening toothpaste. Third, apply overnight AFTER washing your face with ONLY water. Last, only apply in thin amounts.You might wake up in the morning with blood around the pimple, however once that is washed off there will be no traces of pimples in the area.If you do not want to use toothpaste or are afraid it will irritate sensitive skin here are some more suggestions.1)Have a variety of washes. You may find that for a few weeks a wash may work, but after 3 weeks or so it stops. My recommendation is to have a variety of different washes to alternate so your skin cannot build an immunity to the wash.2) NEVER use soap unless it is specifically facial soap. Other soaps are to harsh and will cause irritationor dryness.3) Drink water. Water helps to clear the skin.4) Be active. When you sweat the sweat runs down your face clearing out your pores.
Ice cube making swollen pimple redder?
Q: Hi well my nose is a bit swollen and I think that it's gonna form into a pimple so I'm putting ice cubes on it but it's making the redness redder. Is this suppose to happen? Help please!
A: Your nose is getting redder because the blood flow is increasing to your nose to prevent frostbite! Haven't you ever gone outside in the winter time and your nose gets red? The ice cube should reduce the swelling and the redness should only be temporary. Try using a cold washcloth with the ice cube in it - this should prevent the redness. Or better yet, get some Clearasil and put it on overnight. Both the redness and the swelling should be gone in 24 hours!

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