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What happens if i eat icy hot

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If the methyl salicylate in Icy Hot is ingested, it may cause severe poisoning and death. Please call 911 if it is ingested. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-i-eat-icy-hot ]
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Can I eat hot ice?
Technically you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. It is not toxic, but it is not edible.
Can I Eat Ice Cream And Hot Chocolate If I Have Tonsillitis??
mmmmmmmm yummmmyyy! dam it now my mouths watering! ok i think anyone normal does, if not then they are very very strange and have a problem!
What happens when you eat to much ice?
Actually its a sign of being iron deficient. I used to eat ice all day long. Then I found out how anemic I was. The ice eating could just be a sign of a more serous problem. Being anemic can lead to heart problems if not taken care of. Othe...

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Is it possible that the gum caused this?
Q: I ate a lot of Dentyne gum and the next day, my mouth felt like it was burning, like minty menthol & my tongue was burning. Today, it was still happening, but I ate some other type of gum that was really strong like the Dentyne. I've eaten & drank things after, but my tongue & mouth still burns. It feels like icy hot on my mouth. & it gets worst when I drink something really cold. Could it be possible that the gum caused this?
A: Yes it could be possible because of the teeth protector stuff in the gum. Too much of anything is not a good thing. Don't chew any more gum for a while and see if it gets better. If not, then you may have caused your mouth to become over sensitive which could mean that you've worn down your teeth to the nerves, and burned off your taste buds! Good luck!
smells that lead to headaches.?
Q: i recently moved to a different area in the workplace, and almost every day i go home with a horrible headache, whether someone is cleaning with clorox, eating a smelly food, it just triggers the worst headache ever! (Excedrin Migrane and Icy Hot rubbed on the temples work temporarily) I NEVER got anything but a menstral headache and those were very rare. Doc can't find anything....anyone have this happen to them - smells that lead to headaches?
A: This happens to me all the time. Mine are mostly related to perfumes and air freshners. I get menstural headaches as well. I'm not really sure what the cause is, but it happens all the time! I never had the menstural ones until I had my daughter. My nose has always been really sensitive, but I didn't start getting smell-related headaches until I was 16 or 17. they have persisted ever since. It's a bummer because there's really nothing you can do about them. You can't control what people eat or what kind of perfume they wear. The worst was when my step-daughter decided to take an entire bottle of Febreeze to my couch. I couldn't sit on it for 3 days because it caused such an excrutiating headache. I'm sorry I don't have any advice to alleviate them other than to try getting out for some fresh air on your breaks if possible.
I need your Help A.S.A.P with my story?
Q: Prologue:The silent cold night fell upon the icy path which mingled through the forest of Glamber. A sage waited with an small scouting party. The creatures of the dark waited for a few moment before the guardians would come. The foul air’s smell felt lightened as the dwarf first came into view, the human and elves behind them. All of them alert and protecting the high elf. A arrow would pierce the skull of any soldier, but the high elf was so much stronger, than your ordinary warrior. One mistake and the attempt would leave the sage and his men dead. He focused his magic onto one arrow and muttered, “Fire it in the skull of the high elf.” The arrow flew through the air and made it mark upon the high elf’s head. Instantly the magic of the sage took effect. The elf grabbed the horses gray hair he fell to the left side of his horse and began to draw his last breaths. All of the guardian looked at his chest raising for the last time. The high elf was no more than a mere memory for he had passed on. The guardians scrambled to readjust themselves to the current threat did they not release that the sage and force could easily destroy them like a hot knife passing through butter. The sage was hungry and thirsty and desired the blood of the guard to quench his thirst. His teeth shone in the darkness though his dark body did not even show in the darkness. He divide out sword first into the guard slicing the remaining elves heads right off. His scouting party followed and attacked the weak dwarves and humans.Chapter 1:Rain pounded on the little gray hut on the outskirts of the village. Ace the vampire awakened the sound of the drizzle had been awaking him from sleep every fifteen minutes until he decided he had slept enough. He got up and off his dark bed and walked to the single window in his house, he opened the wooden shutters that blocked the wind and rain from coming in. Ace stared outside to the forest his world had utterly changed in the last year from living in the palace of Ramondoom to a small hut where he barely made enough to buy meat for himself. Ace was royalty but when his father had died everything had changed his brother had taken the throne and Ace was thrown out. Ace still remembered it clearly Ace was staring at his fathers broken and ice cold dead body when his brother Spade had decided that he was going to be his fathers successor Ace had supported him and even stepped aside to let his brother take the throne Ace knew he wasn’t ready to be king. Ace moved towards the center of the village thinking what had he done wrong he had let his brother become the king and as a result he was living in the gutters and working at a blacksmith so that he could eat the one meal he ate every week. It was not even the meat he ate at home which was human but an animals meat.His ears sensed the change before it had happened immortal army was coming, as quick as lightening Ace tossed his head from left to right searching for the warriors. It was obvious that the army was searching for him. His brother had tried to kill him because of his fear that Ace would someday reclaim the throne which his brother held so proudly. Ace had worked hard and saved aliyak but each month the army would come and force him to move to a different area and struggle there to survive. Ace flew by a old vamp as he rushed inside of his one room hut. He grabbed his sword and bow and the aliyak that he had saved, he had been planning to move ever since he had arrived here on a cold and gloomy night. Ace thought as he ran towards the forest of dealth. He could feel the ground shake as the army moved his way. Ace knew that Spade thought that the world revolved around him. Ace had came accustomed to Kielsian the old vampire who had said “when you move take me with you, you’re like the son I never had” even though he was not Ace’s father he was still close to Ace like a father at times even more so. Ace knew Kielsian would die for him if he needed it. They had been planning to move since the beginning now he would run to Kielsian house which was deep in the dark green forest ahead of him. He threw his body against the gate which shattered on contact Ace fell to the ground. “Kielsian” Ace yelled his face flooding with fear of the advancing army.“what’s going on?, what’s wrong Ace?, why did you break the door?” Kielsian questioned not realizing the up coming danger. His oval smiling face changed to grimace of sadness at he heard the distant rumble of the army. “I’ll get my stuff” Kielsian continued looking heart broken.“You can stay hear if you want but I gotta go, so if your not ready to move I understand” Ace said looking equally as sad.“Nono spelling or grammer editing has been donewhat should it be namedcreative criticism is welcome rating out of ten
A: I can't help with a title. I think you're trying too hard, using too many descriptive terms which gives a feeling of clutter to your sentences.For example, in your first sentence, do you really need to mention its a cold night if the path is icy? That would be a given. Also its better to show that to tell. For example, having a character slip on the path rather than saying the path is icy. Try setting the piece aside for a day or two then pick it up and read it out loud. You'll be able to hear what might be too cluttered for the typical reader.Good luck.

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