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What does vicodin do to you if you snort it

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Vicodin is a prescription narcotic that can cause the user to feel high. Snorting it results in slightly more powerful effects. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-vicodin-do-to-you-if-you-snort-it ]
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How Do You Snort Vicodin?
You crush it up and put it up your nose like a line of cocaine , crush it , roll up a dollar bill and sniff You're not going to get any higher snorting it, it might work faster, but you can chew it and get the same effect, after going up yo...
What are the dangers in snorting vicodin?
when you snort vicodin you will start to itch and feel good all over. i am a former addict and it cant really hurt you because i used to snort several pills at the time.
Can you snort vicodin?
Indeed you can snort Vicodin. It doesn't burn as bad as you would think. Basically the difference between snorting it and just taking the pills is that you feel results more quickly. Also, I've never heard this from anyone else, but for me ...

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why do some people crush and snort vicodin pills as to swallowing them?
Q: I am just curious what the diffrence is between crushing and snorting as to swallowing? do the effects of the vicodin last longer or something?
A: the effects are more intense, it gets into your system faster.
What happens if you mix adderall with Vicodin and snort it?
Q: my friend is doing this and i would like to know more about it? What it does, side effects and potential dangers.
A: I've done this several times (just the Adderall), but I would NOT recommend it... 1) If you just eat 2 10-30mg tablets, you'll feel it for hours anyway. 2) If you snort it, you'll only feel it for 20 minutes or so and then you'll want to keep doing it (MANY times). 3) They're full of wax and chemicals. 4) About a year ago, I binged doing this (ended up doing 5-6 pills), and my nose has been clogged to varying degrees for the entire year, sometimes even enough to prevent falling sleep. I haven't touched ANY drugs legal or illegal in the past year and I'm still dealing with it.If you still want to try it, then take my advice since I speak from experience... Purchase one of these Sinus Rinse kits (http://www.neilmed.com/usa/sinusrinse.php) at your local Walgreen's and use it within 5-10 minutes, as directed. Second, do not attempt your experiment more than twice in a night.Anyway, I assume you have a prescription; You'll need it if you have to drug test in the next few weeks. As for the Vicodin, I would not recommend mixing a stimulant and a heavy pain killer, even if you weren't snorting them, seeing as they have opposite effects and this could cause heart palpitations or brain seizures. Have fun, and as always, take as directed :)
how bad is it to snort vicodin?
Q: opposed to popping it that isis it true thats its worse because of the tylenol in it?
A: Yea its pretty much bad because of the amount of tylenol, there is only a small amount of opiate in it so it will hurt..but try it & see, i guess..

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