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What are the side effects for muscle relaxers

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Muscle relaxants may cause blurred vision or clumsiness. They may make you feel drowsy, dizzy, lightheaded, faint, or less alert. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-side-effects-for-muscle-relaxers ]
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WHat are the side effects of muscle relaxers?
muscle relaxers can make you feel sleepy or tired. don't operate any machinery or drive a car. your reflexes are not the same.
Which muscle relaxer has least side effects?
Hi leana,I take soma but have for a while,maybe i'm used to them.did you take it on an empty stomach? I know they really work well when I get a pulled muscle or spasms.try a half of one w/ a glass of water.Let me know how that goes ,there ...
Do Muscle Relaxing Injections have any side-effects??
The vast majority of patients experience no side-effects whatsoever. Occasionally, a small bruise at the injection site may occur which will disappear after a few days and mild headaches lasting a few hours have been reported in a very few ...

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Combining Muscle Relaxors and Pain Meds: Could there be harmful side effects ?
Q: I threw my back out, and am in a lot of pain - my doctor is going to prescribe a muscle relaxer like Flexiril - would it be harmful for me to take Vicodin simultaneously ?
A: Better not do it without talking to the doctor first. If you are still in pain, ask him. Just learn to be very careful so not to hurt yourself further. Hope you can take an adequate amount of time off work! God bless you!
Can you work out after using muscle relaxers?
Q: Working out meaning strength training, muscle building and cardio, like running. What side effects could occur?
A: oh man, you could but you would probably be alot slower, and a little off. I've taken muscle relaxers, and it made me walk funny, and i know if i worked out while i took them it would probably be impossible... i wouldn't recommend it. but it depends on how strong they are and what it is.think about it, you're relaxing your muscles at the same time you are trying to build them....wouldn't that be hard?
What Are The Side Effects Of Cyclobenzaprine?
Q: I have bad lower back pain and the doctor is confident that I am having muscle spasms. I am only 18 and never had to take muscle relaxers before. Of course I see stupid people who OD and look stupid doing it. Will this impair me that bad as well? I hear it mostly just makes you drowsy which I can handle. Anything else I should know about it? People say to take it at night, it's easier. My pain comes and goes though, so that won't apply to me will it? Unless I have it at night.
A: There is, or should be, an information sheet for each drug that will give you that info. Side affects cautions, interactions, etc.You are entitled to a copy.Both your pharmacist and physician should answer all questions.Don't let either of them off the hook till you're satisfied you understand.

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