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How much do you get paid donating plasma

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The average payout for a container of your plasma varies from $20 to $30, depending on your individual center. ChaCha forever! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-do-you-get-paid-donating-plasma ]
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about 100-200 bucks depending
In ohio it depends on your size, if your like 110-150 its like 45 your first time 15anyother if your 150+ its 50first time and 25 after that. the bigger you are the more you get, and the 1st time you get more than you do anyother time. Red ...
If you choose to make a plasma donation for money, you should get around $30 per visit. If you have had a hepatitis B vaccination, you may be able to get up to $50 per visit.

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How much do you get paid for "donating" plasma? Is the money taxed?
Q: I was looking into "donating" plasma and wondered how much it paid. Is the money they pay you taxed? Thanks!Snowflake- I've donated blood and platelets for years and have never taken payment for it. I still donate those things. No one here takes plasma donations- there are only biomedical places who use it in research or drugs to HELP people.
A: its untaxed and you donate twice a week the first time you go they give you 25 dollars and the second time you go they give you 35 dollars. I go every once in a while, I'm just a college kid with a job every once in a while on the weekends so I usually go donate when I owe somebody money or need something.
How much does donating plasma pay and how badly does it hurt?
Q: I assume the price varies by region- I live near Springfield, IL and that's where I'll be going to donate. Also, I have never given blood before or anything except for when they take blood samples at the doctor. How much does it hurt? And any tips, like squeezing your hands, that will make the process go faster?
A: Where I go, I get 50 bucks for the first two times, and 25 every time after that. It doesn't hurt at all aside from the needles. It feels odd sometimes, but other than that it's a good way to make some extra cash.
Where can I go to get paid for donating plasma?
Q: I need money bad!!! How much do you have to donate? How much do you get?
A: My previous boss donated plasma, he went twice a week (the max) and got $15 for the first time and $25 for the second (you had to go in within a week). He was a bigger (not fat) guy so he could donate more, if you fall below a certain point (weight) you got paid less. He also had to wait up to 3hrs at times. Looks like this site will give you more informationhttp://www.bloodcenters.org/donating/plasma.htm

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