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How many mg is a white XANEX bar

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A white Xanex bar typically had 2 milligrams of medication in it, it is the largest available type of the anti-anxiety drug Xanex. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-mg-is-a-white-xanex-bar ]
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How many miligrams are in white Xanax bars?
2 mg its like a depressant. dont take it if you are not prescribed. if you have a legitimate disorder like post traumatic stress, it can prevent an impending panic attack. it calms you down. xanax is highly addictive.
How strong are white xanax bars?
any bar is 2 mg. 2 mg pills are typically bigger than others and are white but there are also yellow bars. white footballs or mylan circles = .25mg orange footballs or mylan circles = .5mg blue footballs or mylan circles = 1mg white bars or...
What is the difference between white and yellow xanax bars??
The difference between them is that the yellow ones are extended release and the white ones are the quicker release form.

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