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How long does xanax stay in your system for

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Benzodiazepines such as Xanax stay in your system up to a week. It depends on diet, weight, and use. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-xanax-stay-in-your-system-for ]
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I found this for you: "The length of time any drug stays in your system will vary. In large part, it depends on your physiological makeup (e.g., your physical height, weight, your amount of body fat, your age, current state of health, ...
4 hours ANOTHER ANSWER XANAX (alprazolam) HAS a "duration of action" of up to 6 hours. If you want to know how long after you take it can it be DETECTED, that's different. Most benzodiazapines, when taken on a regular basis, can b...
Xanax, a brand name for a drug in a class called Benzodiazepines, will stay in your system for about 2-3 days for most people. However, for some people with habitual use, it can take 4-8 days for the drug to leave the system.

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How long does xanax stay in your system?
Q: I am prescribed xanax and I take maybe .25 mg a day and usually I take .15 a day. I was offered a new job and have to take a drug test. How long will it stay in your system? Also, can they use that against you if you are prescribed the medication?
A: im not sure how long it stays in your system but im sure if it caused a problem and you brought a doctors note then everything would be okayyy.
how long does xanax stay in your system. how long if not taken regularly?
Q: if you dont take xanax on a regular basis how long will it stay in your system or before you can pass a drug test
A: there's a couple of ways to answer this. first do you have a prescription? if you do you're fine. xanax is a benzodiapine and will be in your system for up to six weeks if you use everyday. can be anywhere from a few days to a week or two....depends on your own metablolism.i would start drinking lots of water....but not too much right before the test as a dilute urine can give cause to your guilt. used to be you could take a multivitamin to discolor the urine so it didn't look dilute but they now measure the pH for this so there is no way around it. but like I said, if you have a prescription, even an old one, you should be fine. you can always look up specific information on the half life of xanax in particular on a pharm web site if you can decipher through the technically mumbo jumbo....good luck.
Have to take a drug test. How long does Xanax stay in your system?
Q: I took a blue pill 2 days ago and now I have a random check drug test I have to take this afternoon ....
A: It contains Benzodiazepine..so at least 4-6 hours. But don't count on this because everyone metabolizes toxins at different rates. It may take loner. Your best bet is to go to GNC or any other vitamin store and ask for a detox supplement. These are usually used for cleansing the body after someone gets a tattoo, to remove toxins. Get a bottled detox drink (not the pills, they tend to take longer) This is only a masking agent, so make sure you time it correctly. Follow the directions exactly. Good Luck.

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