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How long does Prozac take to work

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Taking Prozac it takes around 5 weeks for you to feel the full effects of the drug. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-prozac-take-to-work ]
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heya well sometimes fluoxetine takes a bit longer to get into your system because every one is different when i first started taking fluoxetie it took them quite a while to get into my system but when they do <YOU>will deffinitly noti...
Like all SSRIs anywhere from a couple days to over a month. If you don't feel any positive benefit after six weeks, then you should talk to your doctor about either another SSRI or trying a med that hits another neurotransmitter. Because ...
Some people experience some improvement of symptoms within two or three weeks of starting Prozac. Full therapeutic effect, however, is generally achieved in about 8 weeks.

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Prozac 20mg to alleviate PE - how long does it take for the desired side effect to work?
Q: My GP has prescribed me Prozac for PE. How long does it take to work? Today was my second dose. GP said I should notice a difference in 2 to 3 days.
A: The desired effect will never start kicking in. Pills usually don't make you feel the way you want to, it makes you feel better but not 100% the way you want. It can take a few months to work. (depending on the person and the pill) (and not everyone reacts to every SSRI medication.)Therapy, a healthy diet, and excercise has a much greater effect than the pills and starts working immediatly.IF you want to do anything about the depression you have to be active and be willing to help the pill, the pill isn't going to do all the work.-Connor
A: It'll take a couple weeks after you start to take it before you'll feel it beginning to work, and four to six weeks for it to reach it's "full potency" level in your system. At that point, or shortly before, your doctor or psychiatrist may want to increase the dose slightly. You don't want to start on too high of a dose! And, you only want to take a dose high enough to work. That might take some trial before you're on the right dose for you. Best of luck :-)
How long does it take for Prozac (fluoxetine) to leave your system?
Q: I have been on Prozac for 4 months for anxiety, but it has given me horrible side effects and has just made my anxiety worse. I'm just wondering, if I stop taking it, how long does Prozac take to leave your system? And how long would it take for the side effects to go away??And yes, I will consult my doctor first before stopping.
A: Prozac has one of the longest half lives of any SSRI, which means that it'll take a while to for you to get weaned off it. If you change or stop to dosage, then you'll be at risk for SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome and you could experience some nasty side effects including dizziness, headaches, vomiting, or other flu like symptoms. Those probably wouldn't last more than a few weeks, but it would be much healthier to go off Prozac under a psychiatrist or GP's supervision. In any case, I'd suggest you talk to your psychiatrist and make a plan for your med's. If you don't like Prozac you can always switch to another SSRI, there are sooo many.

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