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How long does a pelvic exam take

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The actual pelvic exam may take about 5 minutes, it's not long at all. More time is spent on medical questions then the exam. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-a-pelvic-exam-take ]
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Typically a pelvic exam will take under 10 minutes. The doctor will do the internal and external exam and collect all fluids or samples to test at this time. If you feel uncomfortable during the exam or have a question feel free to ask.
Normal pelvic exams are rather quick, usually 5-10 minutes. Created: 01/14/06 Reference: San Francisco Department of Public Health Boston Children's Hospital: The Center for Young Women's Health
Generally, the whole exam takes no more than 5 minutes. Although no one likes to have the exam done, it is important to your health now and in the future. After the first exam, almost everyone says it wasn't as bad as they had imagined. You...

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How long does the actual pelvic, breast and pap smear exam usually take?
A: Well... at my doctor's office30-40 minute wait in the lobby5 minutes for the nurse to take me hieght, wieght, and temprature15-20 minute wait in the examination room15-20 minutes for the actual examination Which brings my grand total to 65-85 minutes!Hopefully your doctor doesn't make you wait as long as mine does. The actual exam is over faster than you would think... although the first time seems to take forever ;-)Good luck!
After having my vagina stretched during my first pelvic exam how long will it take to go back to normal?
A: unless your vagina litterally feels open and more stretched out, then most likely it was only stretched during the pelvic exam and then your vagina immedeatly callapsed back to its normal ways, because at all times your vagina walls are touching eachother and your vagina is closed in a way unless there is something in there. but other wise the vagina walls are always touching, and vaginas stretch easy kinda like a rubber band you can stretch it out big but it will always go back to its normal size the second you take out whatever was in there
Are pelvic exams PAINFUL? How long after one do women feel comfortable having intercourse?
Q: My girlfriend recently had a pelvic exam which she said left her cervix sore. Not to be too graphic, but we decided to substitute intercourse with oral activities, and I noticed there was still a bit of lubricating jelly in that area. Should pelvic exams cause that sort of pain? This was a regular exam; not colposcopy or a cervical biopsy or anything. Also, how long does it normally take for the lubricating jelly used by the doctor to completely clear out of the canal?
A: Pelvic exams aren't painful but can be uncomfortable. They use the gel to lube the area well enough to probe. So the gel will be in your gf's system. Shower after an exam and you're partner will be fine.Sex doesn't hurt after an exam, it can be uncomfortable to start with but after that things will go back to normal.A pelvic exam is something all girls go through and completely normal for it to cause strain, if it hurts your gf when you both have sex, maybe the exam was performed wrong and she has a little bit of tearing. They are all natural.But you should be able to have sex straight after an exam.Sperm and anything inserted inside the canal can take up to 3 days to fully clear.Hope this helps.

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