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How do you treat large foot blisters

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Leaving the blister alone is the best treatment. If it has popped, keep the area clean and dry to prevent infection. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-treat-large-foot-blisters ]
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How can I get rid of 2 large blisters on the soles on my feet??
I know you are afraid to pop them... but you have to if you want to walk. Open them as soon as possible, as this allows the skin layers to adhhere together and remove the pain. Swab the blister with alcohol and prick it with a needle heated...

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My friend has a large blister on her foot, what is a safe way to treat it?
Q: She broke her ankle and had to wear a cast and then a brace...the brace gave her a blister on the bottom of her foot. It is taking a long time to heal...She is an awesome person. Please help
A: Oh my gosh, i just had something very similar to this happen from a brace. First of all DO NOT TRY TO POP IT OR TOUCH IT ALOT... let it stay the way it is, unless it looks like it has signs of infection (discoloration,a noticeable random increase in size, or a bad smell would be signs of infection. )If you suspect infection, go to the doctor. If it is just a normal blister that is taking a long time to heal, let it. A large part of the reason a blister will take a long time to heal when it's on the bottom of your foot is because when you walk, you are adding pressure to it. A blister forms because your skin is irritated. Your friend should keep it clean with soap and water, maybe do a nice epsom salt soak for her foot, keep the blister covered with gauze/tape, and try to stay off of her foot as much as possible until it's healed. I mean it's a blister, not a broken bone so it's not like she has to bedrest, but for example, she shouldn't be running a marathon or anything like that until it heals.
How to treat blisters?
Q: I have a fairly large blister on my foot and I would like to know any tips, remedies, or products that could remove the pain! Thanks! ☼
A: Blisters on the feet are most commonly caused by intense rubbing against an object. Because of friction, the skin experiences trauma. This results in the separation of the epidermis and the dermis. Bodily fluids then leak into this gap. This fluid acts as a protection of the forming layer of skin underneath. It cushions it until it has fully healed. After the period of healing has elapsed, the fluid will then get reabsorbed into the body. A scab will form and then peel away, revealing new skin.Read more about this here: http://www.treatblisters.com/feetblisters.html
How do i treat my blisters?
Q: i was running in the 4x400m relay at a track meet and about 200m in my feet started to burn. When i took my soes off i had several large blisters on the balls of my feet, right where i put pressure when i walk. I am in quite a bit of pain when i walk and i want to run in my next meet in four days so what should i do?
A: There is a product called "Moleskin" which you can get at any drug store. You stick it right onto your foot over the top of the blister and it protects you.

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