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How do you cure a black eye fast

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Place an ice pack or cold compress over the eye for 10 minutes every hour for the first day. Never put ice directly on the skin. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-cure-a-black-eye-fast ]
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How to cure a black eye
Ice packs or cold compresses during the first twenty-four hours, particularly when used promptly after being injured. Keep..More?
Does anyone know how to cure black eye?
Use raw steak on it . Slightly frozen steak is good because it acts as ice. Better yet try Rescue Remedy cream by Dr. Bach, it is excellent for natural healing of traumas and Traumeel cream works on healing bruises. Good luck.
What the heck will cure a black eye?
Time. thats it. You have to let it heal on its own, you cannot speed up the process. Not what you wanted to hear, but unfortunately the truth.

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i really need fast help plz: how can i cure my black eye?
Q: i got in to a fight and now i got a black eye:-how do i conceal it-when does the discoloration and swelling go back to normal-whats the fastest healing method, it's been like 6 hours since fight-o yeah and i kicked that guys a**
A: A black eye are broken capillaries under your skin. Put a cold compress on and ride it out. There is no fast way to do it. Make sure your eye is normal color and no oozing fluid and if you have none you are fine and need to wait.
whats the fastest way to cure a rugburn on your face with little bruising afterwards?
Q: its very big and dark purlpe like a black eye........ Its right up under my eye above my cheek bone.....
A: You can try Vaseline.
Hamster Eye Infection?
Q: I have been treating my hamster with a Boric Acid and Part Saline Solution (eye drops) for a few days now. I can't take it to the vet so I looked up a homeopathic eye infection cure (Boric Acid) and the eye infection (it's really bad) isn't healing fast, possibly not at all. I can't tell if it's getting better or worse.So, how can you tell if a hamster's eye infection is getting better?By the way, it's eyes are usually black (the eye infection turned one completely red with a white-yellow circle inside) and the other one is black but kind of see thru and you can see a white haze.On the red eye i'm worried. The hamster's personality hasn't changed much but I really need to know if the whiteish yellow dot inside means its getting better or worse so I can increase the dosage or keep it the same.
A: I'm sorry, I have no idea. I've never heard of this, and I've seen a lot of hamsters in my day.Suggestions:Call the vet. They will probably be very unwilling to answer questions, but it is worth a try; maybe you will get a sympathetic person on the line.Go to pet stores. Maybe someone there has seen something like that. Well, it's a possibility.I'm sorry that I can't offer more help. If nothing else works, just do whatever you think is best and keep trying. Good luck. And I hope someone else who knows something about this answers this question.

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