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How can you tell if a sore is infected

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If a sore is infected the area may be fevered and/or red, the sore may hurt more, have a bad smell, or produce visible puss. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-a-sore-is-infected ]
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How can you tell if a sore is infected
If a sore is infected the area may be fevered and/or red, the sore may hurt more, have a bad smell, or produce visible puss.
What in the world could it be? help! sherwin has an infected sore?
You probably just need antibiotics. In other words, go to the vet
How to know if a sore is infected?
It is infected. do not bandage it, let it get air so the scabs can dry out. peroxide it and put antibiotic ointment on it, but do not put a band aid on, covering it can make infection worse. also do not let it get dirty. if the peroxide fiz...

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How can you tell if a dog sore is infected?
Q: Ok, so my dog has a "hot spot" on his muzzle and I just posted a question about it. It is maybe the size of a nickel and he keeps scratching it open and I keep cleaning it and trying to heal it. I think I might get an e-collar in hopes to keep him from scratching it. Anyways, I just gave him a bath and it looks like the spot has yellow gel like stuff on it. Is it infected? How do you tell a dog sore is infected?
A: Dogs most susceptible to hot spots are those with heavy coats and histories of allergies, ear infections, flea infestations, irritated anal sacs, and grooming problems such as hair tangles and mats, but any dog can develop this infection. Dogs in warm, humid climates may develop hot spots when they shed their undercoats if the dead hair is trapped next to the skin, and dogs with behavior problems may mutilate themselves by licking and thus encourage an infection to become established.The most common locations for hot spots are the legs and feet, flanks, and rump — areas that can be reached by licking or biting — but these localized infections can also appear on ears, neck, and chest if the dog is continually scratching. Visit on http://www.agritura.com for various dog products.
I got my cartilage pierced a week ago. It's a little red and sore, but no puss, how can I tell if its infected
Q: I got the piercing with a gun and I've never had trouble before. I clean the piercing twice daily like they told me to. The cartilage is red and at times sore but there's no puss. Is it infected or just sore from being pierced?
A: Clean as per usual with warm salty water or the medicated spray that you can pick up from the piercer. Kepp and eye on it. i have cartlidge piercings mine went like this for the first week just follow the natrual process and if you have any concerns just go and see your piercer it clears the mind believe me. If you end up getting a keloid(bump of scar tissue) on the piercing after it has healed either take it out completly or moisturise it everyday 2 times daily.
How can i tell if my Sore in my mouth is infected?
Q: Obviously i have braces. But i am not feeling good and here are the symptoms:HeadachePressure in ears they keep popping but no infectionBumps under skin on handsI am tiredI just don't feel good. The braces are rubbing against my mouth and causing a couple of sores. I can't put the wax on the Wires itself because it won't stay. I have 1 sore on my cheek on the inside of my mouth and it was bleeding earlier. It has stopped but it looks like it can bleed again. How can i tell if it is infected? And would this cause me to be sick? My aunt doesn't want to take me to the doctor because i have everything i need at home she said. Thanks :)
A: My coworker had a similar issue with pain in his ears he went to his regular dr who referred him to ear nose throat specialist. Sure enough it was an infection from dental work he had 3 weeks prior. So go follow up with your dentist to be on the safe side!

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