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How can you make hickeys go away faster

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There is no magic or fast way to get rid of a hickey because they're a bruise. The only thing you can do is use coverup. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-make-hickeys-go-away-faster ]
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How do you make a hickey go away fast?
put a cold compress on it for about 20 minutes, and then a warm, and massage the warm compress into the hickey. it worked for me=]
How Do U Make Hickeys Go Away Faster?
Try green concealer, then cover the green with normal concealer. The upside is that it really covers anything that might be wrong with you. The downside is that it can look like you tried to concealer over a bruise - and it looks like your ...
Is there a way to make a hicky? Hickey? How ever you say it go aw...?
Hickeys are a bruise. Bruises are blood pooled under the skin. Hickeys are most easily formed on the thin skin of the neck or women's breasts. The thin skin on the upper inner arm is also susceptible to bruising. I imagine you are regrettin...

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How can I make a Hickey go away faster!?!?
Q: How can I make a hickey go away faster? it's on my nesk of course....I can get in big trouble for that so I want t make it go away and makeup it's not an option...can someone help me?
A: here's a method no one else said: Use a coin. This method is probably the most painful, but has proven VERY effective. First, stretch the skin flat (pulling away from the hickey on two opposite sides works well for this). Then, use the edge of a large coin to scrape the skin. Use the coin as if the red area of the skin was butter on toast that needed to be spread outward. The only difference is that you must press quite HARD (do it as hard as you can, but not so hard that you break the skin or cause bleeding). What this does is push the excess blood, which has escaped from the capillaries, out of the surface skin. There will be redness from the scraping of the coin, but that will go away much faster than the hickey. And in any case, a scrape is much less conspicuous than a hickey.
Is there anyway possible, to make hickeys go away faster??
Q: Make-up wont work, because its on my boyfriend whos outside a lot and it'll either sweat off, or it will be impossible to find a color to match.. He has to meet my mom in one week, so Im desperate and Im looking for like a home remedy kind of thing... Thanks <3
A: Hickeys generally do go away quite quickly unless you gave him a really big one. I hear mint toothpaste over night helps (never tried it, but give it a go), otherwise use whatever ointments you might have for bruises, arnica, aloevera, tissue oil, vit E etc. Last resort, you'll have to mix and match some concealer....next time choose a less conspicous spot to give him one:) Good luck girl!!
How can you make hickeys go away faster?
A: Try putting toothpaste on it or put a metal spoon in the freezer for bout an hour then put it on the hickey... those usually work for me... ive also used an eye liner or lip stick cap an twist it on there... thats kinda hard to explain tho... an ur a guy so u prolly dont have either of those LoL

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