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How can you get prescribed to promethazine codine

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Promethazine codeine is a cough suppressant and an antihistamine. You need to talk to your doctor to see if it's what you need. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-get-prescribed-to-promethazine-codine ]
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How to get prescribed Promethazine with codeine?
go away druggie. No one is going to help you get high. Go kill yourself. Your life must really suck if you have to use drugs to feel good about yourself.
Why is Phenergan with Codeine prescribed?
Phenergan with Codeine is used to relieve coughs and other symptoms of allergies and the common cold. Promethazine, an antihistamine, helps reduce itching and swelling and dries up secretions from the nose, eyes, and throat. It also has sed...
What do doctors normally prescribe codeine/promethazine syrup for...?
I am a bit confused. I thought SWIeclisped doctor was in their state just far away but the next poster thinks they are in your old state. Either way you can always try phoning but I have no idea how the doctor will respond and whether you c...

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Does Promethazine and Codeine relieve chest and body pain due to namonia?
Q: I was currently prescribed promethazine with codine. The directions say take 2 teaspoonfulls every 6 hours as needed for cough at bed time. I have been having some bad throat and chest pain for the last week, as well as very bad headaches from terrible coughing. Will the promethazine w/ codine my dr. prescribed me help with these problems? The dose seems pretty low to me...
A: promethazine and codeine will stop you coughing so much. So you will feel better. It doesn´t stop the pain is just that when you cough less you can rest better, breath better and so you feel better. And don´t take more than your doctor say it can be dangerous for your health! every 6 hours is a big dose.
How do I get promethazine with codine from a doctor?
Q: I have a horrible cough from acute bronchitis and last year I went to my cousins house with a bad cough and she gave me some promethazine with codiene and it helped alot n now I'm scared to ask the doctor for it because he might think I'm a junkie n he won't prescribe it...what do I tell him to get some
A: Promethazine with Codeine is a very commonly prescribed medication for people who have bronchitis, so the chances are that he would more than likely prescribe this for you anyway if you go in and see him. Otherwise, you just need to tell him that this is something that has worked for you in the past when you had bronchitis. It is ultimately his decision as to whether he wants to prescribe it or not. And as far as looking like a junkie, most addicts are after pain medications that are much stronger than codeine!

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