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How can i prevent my baby from catching my cold

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You are most contagious during the first couple of days. Stay away from baby as much as possible, wash your hands often, More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-i-prevent-my-baby-from-catching-my-cold ]
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How can I help prevent my baby from catching my cold??
Well, you are doing all good things to help prevent her from getting a cold. However some things just happen and you can not avoid it. By wearing a mask when holding her, washing your hands before you touch her, and cleaning anything you to...

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how di prevent my baby from catching my cold?
Q: i have a cold, been trying to avoid my three month old baby so he wont catch it. i pump milk and ask some one else to feed and change him. and we dont sleep in the same room. at wat stage is my cold still contageous? i miss my baby, when is it safe for me to hold him?am not taking any medication by the way.
A: Wash your hands and go ahead & hold him. The antibodies in your breastmilk (because of your cold) will help him fight it. I think your cold is the most contageous the first 4 days (including before you know you're sick yet).
How can I help prevent my baby from catching my cold?
Q: I have a cold, and its not that severe, just a runny nose, slight cough and post nasal drip. Its not that bad for me, but I am so afraid that my 6 week old will catch it, she was premature and they warned me over and over again in the hospital to keep sick people away from her. I can keep everyone else away, just not myself. I am wearing a surgical mask when I'm holding her to feed her, and am washing my hands and using Purell like its my job. Any other suggestions? Its only been a day, I've been taking Alka Seltzer cold - I am not breastfeeding - and I'm already feeling a little better. I've caught her sneezing a few times, but no more than usual, but when your sick yourself, you become paranoid. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
A: wash your hands frequently and wear a mask
How can I prevent from my baby from catching my cold?
Q: I have a little 4 month old baby boy and since Saturday night I have been having a sore throat which continued on into Monday except on Monday I woke up sneezing and having a dry cough. Since yesterday my cold and cough has gotten a lot worse. I now have no voice. I am constantly sneezing and coughing, my throat hurts but I DON"T have a fever. I am the prime caretaker of my lil' boy and I am afraid to get him sick and/or spread my germs. I am being very careful by washing my hands with antibacterial hand soap as often as possible but I am still sneezing and coughing a lot around him; I can't help it. Any tips on how to make sure he doesn't catch my cold? : (
A: I caught the flu and two days later my 9mo baby caught the flu. I tried everything to keep the place sanitary including spraying the air with lysol! lol I think the best thing to do is send you baby boy to someones house for a day or so. It is hard to part from them but if you are sick and they are around you constantly then they will eventually catch it too. Perhaps you could find someone like the grandparents or auntie who could watch him during the day. This will help you get over your cold faster too because you could rest and take all the meds that you need to take without worrying about whether the side effect will make you too drowsy to take care of your baby. GOOD LUCK!

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