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Does peeing on your feet prevent athletes foot

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Yes, it helps to pee on your feet - This may be gross, but human urine contains urea, which is already used in many MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-peeing-on-your-feet-prevent-athletes-foot ]
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Does Peeing On Your Feet Get Rid Of Athlete's Foot??
No. Not unless you rinse your feet with clean water and dry them weell. Keep feet as dry as possible. Wear cotton socks if you can find them, and change them often.. (more absorbant). The more often you go barefoot, the better. Wear sandals...
Will peeing on your feet help cure athletes foot
No more than peeing in your eye will cure conjunctivitis. Home remedies include vinegar, Listerine, hydrogen peroxide. Fastest cure is over the counter anti fungal treatments.
Does peeing on your foot help control athletes foot??
Google: Upper panel: low magnification view showing increased numbers of leukocytes and several struvite crystals (unstained wet prep). The leukocytes provide clear evidence of an inflammatory process; the background appears "busy"...

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I hear peeing on your feet will prevent athletes foot?
Q: Is this true?
A: haha, yes actually it is...a lot of pro athletes do it...a lot of catchers pee on their hands because it toughens the skin as well.
How does peeing in the shower prevent Athlete's foot?
Q: FYI: I use a toilet.I am just asking cuz i read on another answer that it does.
A: Uric acid kills some types of fungus which cause athlete's foot.
If you p on your feet in the shower, will it help prevent or help get rid of Athlete's foot?
Q: Have I been peeing on my feet in the shower, all my life, for no good reason?I've never had a case of Athlete's foot!
A: I have no clue

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