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Does Nyquil have codine in it

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NyQuil does not contain codeine. Codeine is a controlled substance, and can only be obtained by prescription. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-nyquil-have-codine-in-it ]
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Can I take Nyquil & Codeine together?
Call your pharmacy, or any one that's open now. The pharmacist will be happy to assist. And you are very smart to check first.
Can I take Nyquil with Ascomp with Codeine?
Dont take the nyquil when your taking the ascomp, the codeine in the ascomp will eleviate your migraine, and The Butalbital is a potent sedative, in which case you never want to combine two sedatives like butalbital and nyquil when taking m...
Is it okay to take codeine and nyquil tablets together??
NO. Never mix those kinds of medicines.

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how long does codine stay in your system for a drug test ?
Q: I have had a terrible cold for about a week - i felt myself trying to fight it off a week befor i finally got sick - ive been taking every thing i can think of to ease my discomfort - tylenol cold, day quil , nyquil, sudafed - ( not all at one time ) but nothing makes me feel better - a friend of mine has some medicine for cold and cough - and it was prescribed by a doctor but it contains codine - she told me i could take to tablespoons if i wanted - ( i wouldnt do it at work - i was thinking friday if i dont feel better by then ) and then fo to bed after i take it - the company i work for does random drug testing - and if i were to get hurt i would have to take a drug test - how long does codine stay in your system >??? im not big on taking other peoples pain medication or antibiotics - but this cold is kicking my behind all over the place - plus i work outside - i dont usually get sick very often - thats why i am considering useing her medication - what do u think >sorry about the typos -
A: It stays in your system for 3 days,it depends on the dose you took,if you didn't take more than you are supposed to then 3 days.Drink as a fish(literally).Green tea helps you flush it out a little faster(if you drin a lot and have fast metabolizm you may get be able to flush it out in 2 days).Good luck,hope all is well.

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