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Does drinking water help you pass a drug test

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Loading up on water may dilute the concentration of drugs in urine but would have little, if any, effect on a blood or hair test. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-drinking-water-help-you-pass-a-drug-test ]
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Will Drinking Water Help Pass Drug Test?
No. If you drink too much water, it can actually take longer for the drugs to clear your system. It could also give you a diluted urine which is not good either.
Will drinking bleach water help to pass a drug test??
No. Drinking that will make you sick.
Can drinking water help pass a drug test?
Very much so! The method is simple. Drink water rather then taking the drug. This will cause a clean drug test. Once you have decide to do te hdrug, time is the only real way to pass the test. Even with time, cut your hair to the scalp as t...

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Could a skinny person with high metabolism pass a drug test without drinking water or taking supplememnts?
Q: My gf is doing an internship at a company who does drug testing. The other day we were sitting around talking and my roomate said he has never failed a drug test and he doesn't drink water or take supplements or anything like that. Is this possible that someone skinny with high metabolism that their body would not hold whatever is tested for?
A: That doesnt sound right as drugs stay in your blood.
how can i pass a employee drug test by drinking water is it possible if i can get it the pot out by tomorrow?
Q: how much water do i have to drink? i really need this job some one help please.all i smocked was weed.then how much water do i habe to drink so it can stay clean for just this test? is just weed?
A: these could be a couple suggestionshttp://slumz.boxden.com/showthread.php?t=779481
Does Drinking Water Really help pass a drug HAIR test?
Q: My boyfriend smoked weed for his first time during bike week he had to take a hair sample drug test last week for a job...Will the weed be out of his system its been almost 4 months can someone...anyone help me with this???
A: Pot ...one time use: Detected for up to 90 days in hair(see below). 2-3 days in urine. 2-3 days in blood, and 12-24 hours in saliva.With frequent use: 90 days in hair,(see below) up to 12 WEEKS in urine, 2 weeks in blood, and 12-24 hours in saliva.Hair analysis is very accurate and can show any controlled substances used. EVER. As hair grows out, contaminates are encased in the hair shaft, so the longer ones hair the longer back a detection can occur.Most facilities only use hair within about 3 - 5 cm of the scalp, and discard the rest. This limits the detection history to about 90 days. Some people attempt to circumvent this through shaving their heads. BUT...any body hair can be used as an acceptable substitute.These traces remain in the follicle as it grows from the scalp at a rate of approximately one-half inch per month. The metabolites caught in the follicle cannot be washed or flushed out and do not diminish with time.OHHH and by the way, for some reason, black people sometimes get a false positive for pot on hair testing.

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