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Does beer cause heart burn

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Some kinds of beer will make heartburn worse while others won't! Unfiltered wheat beer seems to be the safest for heartburn! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-beer-cause-heart-burn ]
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Does beer cause heart burn
Some kinds of beer will make heartburn worse while others won't! Unfiltered wheat beer seems to be the safest for heartburn!
What causes a burnt taste in beer?
It's a toasting process, used after the barley is malted. The more you toast, the darker the beer. Sam Adams also uses more hops than any other brewer, if you believe their advertising. Hops are responsible for the bitter after taste which ...

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Do you think that Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its with a Michelob beer will cause heart-burn?
Q: Want some?
A: YES it is a chemical reaction .. of an enormous plenitude.. it is called: BEERENDOUSIOUSSPICENFARTUSlook out!!
sweet beer?
Q: Ok, this is my last posting. I've tried all sorts of beers that are considered sweet. The best I've found so far is the South Shore, Herbal Cream. I guess its as sweet as it gets? I'm struggling to find something I like with carbonation. As stated in last post, I don't like wine, or wine coolers. I just want something alcoholic that is somewhat sweet and won't cause heartburn! I've tried alot and can't seem to find one that I like! I don't like skunky. I like sweet but it can't be too sweet or I get heart burn.....blue moon is ok....I'd like a bit sweeter......someone has to have some idea!!
A: There are several belgian beers that are sweet- raspberry and pear flavored are most common. Also, Hard Ciders are like apple cider and are pretty good- like Hornsby's. AND, anheiser bush just came out with fruit infused beers, that taste like fruit sodas! Sam Adams has a cherry beer, not TOO cherry, and there's another called strawberry blonde that faintly tastes like strawberries.I like honey brown as well... but that's more BEER tasting. I've been to a brewery that had a honey cream beer, and it was delicious- but it was only made at that brewery.
PLEASE! Please read....I NEED HELP!?
Q: I am having abdominal pain.It started on the left side like a couple inches under the rib cage.I have been having it off & on for the 2 weeks.It would give me a sharp pain then subside & not do it again for a few hours 2 the next day.The pain has now become a constant pain in my entire abdomin & around my back.I've had gas & nausea with it.I went to the ER the other night and the doc said "Its reflux" after taking blood & urine.I got the impression he just didnt kno what it was Those tests were fine.I am not having any type of heart burn or any real chest pains with it &antiacids dont help.Now my abdominal muscles are hurting to the point I cant hold my stomache right & it hangs like those men with beer bellies.I last night my husband was touching me made me orgasm & it caused alot of additional pain in my stomache for a short time.Ive also been light headed&dizzy when I walk.My DR has been out so I wont be able 2 see him til hes bak Monday.Any Ideas what it could be
A: A lot of the time doctor's fail to diagnose appendicitis. My friend was told it was reflux for a while - he went through a myriad of tests before they finally realized it was his appendix, weeks later.I'd get a second and third opinion by another doctor asap because a ruptured appendix is bad, bad news. And having an appendix removed is a simple operation to schedule and be done with.

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