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Are there any over the counter muscle relaxants

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No, most muscle relaxants can only be prescribed by your doctor. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-there-any-over-the-counter-muscle-relaxants ]
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What is a good over-the-counter topical (analgesic) pain reliever...?
They all have smell. Try dissolving an aspirin in water (bst if alcohol -the green kind but it smells too ) & rub that on the sore muscles

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what are some remedies for getting an eye thats twitching to stop? are there over the counter muscle relaxants?
Q: would a doctor prescribe one if i asked
A: I'd just put a warm compress over the face, lay down to relax, take a nap. It's most likely caused by some type of stresses. There is nothing over the counter as a muscle relaxant that weak. Most muscle relaxers are stronger for major strains in an Rx form. Tylenol/Motrin are more for analgesic or anti-inflammatory use not muscle relaxing.
I live in Southern CA, do you guys know which stores sell over the counter muscle relaxants?
Q: I have really bad low back pain and I need to take something until I see the doctor. It seems like I need a prescription but online it says there are several OTC. Please help!
A: I'm not sure what OTC product you saw that is a muscle relaxer because I don't think there are any. No pharmacies or stores would sell over the counter muscle relaxers. You should just take an alieve which is an anti-inflammatory and also put an icy hot type patch on, they really help to relieve the pain. But that's about as good as your going to get until you see a doctor,
Is there such thing as over the counter muscle relaxants? I pulled my back.?
A: There are no over the counter muscle relaxants, sorry. But either heat or ice, combined with low back stretches, can help to decrease the spasms in your low back.

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